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With 29 years as a real estate professional, Judy Cain has long been a GRUBB Company top-producing Broker. In 2006 when she teamed up with her son, Ben Kahn, the partnership proved to be a true benefit to her clientele. “We broadened our service and doubled our attention to detail,” remarks Judy. “Our strengths dovetail to create an effective partnership.”
Judy and Ben find fulfillment as REALTORS on both personal and professional levels. We form a team with you and together we pursue the objective. We listen, counsel, and attain clients’ goals.

For buyers, we provide:

  • Expertise: A vast and varied skill set is needed to properly represent you.
  • Education: Preparing for the right opportunity requires focus, legwork, and thorough knowledge of comparable sales. We take you from 0 to 60 so you understand where your desired home fits on the value spectrum.
  • Experience: A desirable property can catch the eye of more than one buyer. Years of experience and success have prepared us to represent you in a competitive situation and prevail.
  • Ethics: When embarking on this journey, you place your trust in us. We hold this trust dear. Throughout the process, you need to know that ethical conduct is first and foremost in our dealings with you and the community at large.
  • Energy: It takes energy and attentiveness to stay on top of the inventory and bring you advanced knowledge of the upcoming listings.
  • Empathy: Understanding your needs and wants requires communication as well as the ability to empathize with your feelings that are difficult to articulate.
  • Enthusiasm: Buying a home should be exciting and fun! We get tremendous satisfaction when you find and secure the home that you embrace and love.

For Sellers, we:

  • Plan: A comprehensive plan placed on the calendar is a starting point. We clearly define and assign the tasks and establish deadlines for meeting goals.
  • Prepare: Preparing your home for sale is important. We help you set priorities and gather estimates from our team of vendors and effectively leverage your dollars.
  • Price: We explain pricing strategies so you choose the one that is best for your family and existing market conditions.
  • Publicize: We reach the target audience for your home and our brand is widely recognized. During a listing presentation, we show you what we do to promote your property.
  • Present: We bring our skilled photographers in to capture the finished project. Pictures will saturate the Internet and entice buyers and agents to visit our open homes.
  • Purchase Contract: Our teamwork brings us an offer, which we help negotiate and ratify. Once escrow is opened, we stay involved through the removal of contingencies and the final recording of the grant deed.
  • Pack and Move: We understand that selling your home is just one part of a larger process and we work hard to ensure a smooth transition to your next home.

Work With Us

Our clients take comfort in knowing that they will successfully navigate a complex, fast-paced process with lots of moving parts. We engage with clients, listen to their needs, and help them realize their goals.